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Photo: Ecologists without borderd, Urša Zgojznik.

What Lecture

How Hybrid

Where Celje, Slovenia

When 2023/10/18
18:00 to 19:00

Audience Adults and Young Adults

Language English Slovenian

Duration 1 hour (from 18:00 to 19:00)

Recording of the talk is available in Slovenian (original language) and in English (simultaneous interpretation) on YouTube channel


Urša Zgojznik, environmentalist and activist will shed light on her work in Slovenian non-governmental organisation Ecologists Without Borders and in general in the field of environmental activism.

As a leader of organising mass clean-up campaigns in Slovenia she focuses on the practices of reducing the waste and avoiding the mass consumption.

As an educator in the field of sustainable development, she will focus on the causes and consequences of our way of life on the environment and will give solutions that Ecologists Without Borders practise in their projects.

The talk will be oriented to give the audience a lot of practical solutions on how to live more environmentally friendly.

About the speaker:

Urša Zgojznik is an environmentalist, activist and politician. For a number of years, she was the President of the environmental NGO Ecologists Without Borders, which works on connecting and socially mobilising people, as well as on projects in the field of waste prevention, reduction and reuse. She has led the Clean Up Slovenia project, the Eco-Concept, Zero Waste Tourism and many others. She has worked extensively on food waste, sustainable tourism, the implementation of circular economy and zero waste concepts, as well as awareness raising and environmental education in all areas.

This conference is co-organized by the Museum of Recent History Celje and the House of European History as part of the European partnership on the history of waste "Throwaway - the history of a modern crisis".

  • The in-person event will take place at the Museum of Recent History Celje, Slovenia.

More info here.

Museum of Recent History Celje
Prešernova 17, SI-3000 CELJE
Phone: +386 3 428 64 10
E-mail: info@mnzc.si

  • The event will be webstreamed live here above.

Please register here, to receive more information.

Language: Slovenian, with simultaneous interpretation into English for the audience online